Click on the "Combat" button on the main interface to go to the Combat Lobby.

In the combat lobby you can join an existing game room or create your own room. To join an existing game room, just double-click the room name from the main list. You can also use the auto-join feature by clicking the "Team Battle" button or the "Free-For-All Battle" button. In a team battle, there are two teams that battle against each other for the win. In a free-for-all battle, there are no teams and every player can attack each other.

To create your own game room, click the "Create Room" button. A "Create Room" window will appear.

Game Mode: Sets the game of the room which can be either Battle, Push, or Survival.

Room Name: The name of the game room.
# Players: The number of players allowed in the game room (6 max).
Time : The time limit for each match (3 or 5 minutes).
Battle Type: Sets the battle to either Team Battle or Free-For-All Battle.
Private Room: Restricts access to the room requiring a password to enter.

Once you are in a game room, click the "Ready" button if you are ready to begin. If you are the Master of the room, wait until everyone has clicked ready, and then click the "Start" button to begin the match.

As a Master of the room, you have the option of changing the battle map. You can also change the battle mode to Team or Free-For-All.


If you're new to the game or just looking for some practice, you can click the Practice Game button to play a game by yourself.