Download and run the Robo Smasher Installer.

After the installation, run the Robo Smasher Launcher. The launcher will download and update to the most recent game version (this can take a few minutes).

Once the launcher finishes updating, you should see the launcher logon screen.

Click on to go to the account creation webpage.

Creating a Kru Account is completely free and only requires an email address. This account will allow you to log onto the game, manage your characters, and purchase Kru Cash.

Read and accept the Terms of Service and Licensing Agreement

Fill out all of the fields on the webpage and then click

The Robo Smasher Character ID is the character name you will use to play Robo Smasher. You can have up to 4 character IDs.

Confirm the information you provided by clicking Proceed. If the information is incorrect then you can change it by clicking the Edit Information button.

If you see this message then your account has been successfully created. Now go back to the launcher screen to log on with your new account. If your launcher screen is no longer there, then simply run the launcher again.

If you would like to edit your account information or create additional Robo Smasher characters to your account, then click on the Manager button on the launcher screen.