In a distant galaxy, two planets battle against each other in search for the precious eggro bean. These beans possess mystical powers that provide a reliable source of energy. The Auros, a peaceful race, have depleted their natural resources and must collect the beans to power their planet. The Nemos, an imperial war-like race, are collecting the beans to build a vast army of mechros in order to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time. The mechros are robotic machines that require eggro beans for power and upgrades. Forces from both sides have been sent to collect the beans from specific planets like the Jungle Planet, Treasure Planet, Ice Planet, and the Ghost Planet.



Here are some of the many mechros available in Robo Smasher.

Cooki - Ace mechro pilot and leader of the Auro forces. Jeany - Smart and loyal member of the Auros. Dan - Loud and impulsive, but has the best mechanical knowledge of mechros. Curi - A good mechro pilot with a calm and peaceful perspective on everything.
Jack - A good mechro pilot but is a bully, a lonewolf and not a team player B-2 - Android mechro pilot. The production model for Nemo's army of mechros. Mong - Auro's first successful attempt in training a monkey mechro pilot. Square - Loyal servant of Prince Angle
Prince Angle - Prince of planet Nemo and |leader of their mechro forces. Sir Edge - Best mechro pilot on Nemo Spring - The 1st generation android model from Nemo Tommy - Rookie pilot and leader of Auro's rookie team
Seri - Female member of Auro's rookie forces  

Here are some of the many mechros available in RoboSmasher